Thursday, 21 February 2013

Lace and Moss Cowl

I made this cowl earlier in the month and have worn it lot's lately in the cold weather we've been having.

It's really warm and cosy and can't look too bad as my mum's asked for one in blue. I adapted the Lace and Moss stitch from Harmony Guides Lace and Eyelets book to get the pattern.

Rough pattern 
Cast on 53 two knit stitches at the beginning and end of each row for boarder

6 rows moss stitch followed by
1. K1, *yfon, sl 1, k1, psso, k3, k2tog, yfon, k1 rep from * to end of non boarder
2. and every alt row purl non boarder stitches
3. *K2, yfon, sl 1, k1, psso, k1, k2tog, yfon, k1 rep from * to last non boarder stitch, k1
5. *K3, yfon, sl 1, k2tog, psso, yfon, k2 rep from * to last non boarder stitch, k1
6. Purl

Repeat 12 rows until you get your desired length (I did 15) and then join your ends.

The wool is a heather/dark-blue-purple colour aran weight and I used 5mm needles.
Wednesday, 20 February 2013

13 for 2013: An actual date

So last night I went on an actual date with an actual man from the internet and in spite of requests I did not 'live tweet it'. I'm not going to say much about him other than that I liked him more than I thought I would (I had low expectations about internet dating not of him I should add) and I'm hoping we meet up again - but then you never know with dating.


Now I'm going to spew some random thoughts at you about the process.

  • Let your friends know when and where you're meeting - not only for safety reasons but because you'll get funny messages when you next check you're phone. I good friend will not show up at this venue. 
  • I think dating might aid my weight loss because I get nervous before hand and don't feel like eating (weirdo)
  • You're going to be nervous so do something to calm yourself down first - I went for a spot of window shopping and checked out the bags in Topshop
  • Sitting down is good - it makes you feel more relaxed and makes chatting easier especially if there's a height difference
  • Do you talk about the whole internet dating thing? we did briefly - I'm not sure about it
  • Rounds are good - it give you a chance to check those phone messages plus bill splitting etc
  • I have no idea how to tell if someone likes me / if it was good date
  • Hello's and goodbyes are, as I'd been told, the most awkward parts of the date
  • I'm not into games so I text the next day to say thank you you?
Anyway tomorrow I hope to post some actual craft stuff on here I just need to write up a pattern.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared

The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and DisappearedThe Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared isn't only a book with an exceedingly long title. The titular character has lead a long Forest Gump style life, hovering through life and managing to become swept into most political disputes and international incidents of the last 100 years.

The book is funny and pacey. There are a range of colourful characters but the writing style (I'm not sure if this is a translation issue or just a style preference) left me feeling a bit to distanced from them, I also found very hard to relate to.

Any book having to follow up The Night Circus was going to have a hard time, so don't live by this review. It's a good book and always nice to hear about active older people in novels.
Thursday, 14 February 2013

Happy Valentines Day

I don't know who reads this other than some of my real life friends (you are awesome) or if anyone even does. That's not really been the point of this anymore. If you read this and I don't know you then thank you and I love you too (the idea of you I guess seeing as I don't really know you...that would be weird). Either way I kind of like sharing my stuff with the nothingness of the internet.

Things I'm loving this week:

  • Pancake day party with lot's of toppings
  • Free box of 48(!!!) crunchie bars from our stationary suppliers
  • That my friend wears gold shorts to the gym so she feels like a champion
  • Argo winning BAFTAs - I haven't seen it yet but I love a good come back story and Affleck's acceptance speach was very sweet
  • Planing holidays in the sun
  • Good feedback from my boss
  • Bacon sandwich for breakfast
  • Tulips
  • Valentines day dinner with friends

Here are some things other people have said about love:

Happy Valentines Day everyone. 

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Hair cuts

So at the moment my hair is at an awkward flicky stage and my fringe is too long and permanently pinned back. Why don't I just get a hair cut you might ask? I'm growing it out a bit for my friends wedding in August (I'm a bridesmaid and it's a hair up affair). It's got me thinking about getting it all cut off after the though so in September I might be brave and go for something like:

my pinterest board here

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

The Snow Child

I read The Snow Child back when we had lot's of snow in the UK. It seemed appropriate and I'd heard good things.

The author has updated a folk tale about an old couple who never had a child, they build a snow girl one winters night and the next day find a real one (I'm not telling you the end!). The brings the story to Alaska around the gold rush and a couple struggling to survive the harsh winter.

The book retains the folk tales magical quality where you are never quite sure what is real. It's a beautiful read for snuggling up with your duvet and a hot chocolate while the cold weather whips around outside.
Monday, 11 February 2013

Tegan and Sara

Greys Anatomy got me into Tegan and Sara. Remember the first series? They played a lot of songs from So Jealous - which is currently my favorite of their albums. That could all change to today though on the release of their new album Heartthrob. So excited about this album. Have you seen their promo series?

New single:


Beautiful cover:
Sunday, 10 February 2013

Happy New Year!


This week they have been stringing up the lights in China Town and tonight I plan to be eating Chinese food to celebrate!

It's the year of the Snake this year apparently this year is "meant for steady progress and attention to detail" Fun! I'm Taurus born in the year of the Ox if you were wondering. If you hold by any of this it means I'm pretty stubborn but I'm not sure I know what they are referring to!
Friday, 8 February 2013

Chick Lit

I know some people don't like this phrase but I'm ok with it. To me it's modern disposable romantic fiction - that doesn't mean the books are good or bad but to be honest I tend to use it about books I see as guilty quick reads.

This year I have read two already!

The Greatest Love Story of All Time
Initially I wasn't too keen on this. I found the main character hard to identify with and the language a bit unrealistic. But then as the story progressed I wanted to know what was going to happen.

You Had Me At Hello
This one I much preferred. A pretty standard nice rom com.

13 for 2013: V-Day

can't find image source - let me know if you have it
Valentines Day has never really been a thing for me. When I have been in a relationship on V-Day the guy I with has tended to not even get me a card* (I think that they thought they could get away with this proves my low maintenance claims right?**). I would have LIKED a card and some cake or Percy Pigs (cupcakes with Percy pigs on them!!!) maybe but it's not my birthday or anything and V-Day is very over rated.

This year's a bit different. First - I will actually be in the country. The last 5 years or so I've tended to spend Valentines day with work colleagues in Barcelona for the Mobile World Congress. New job = no Barcelona and Valentines Day in the UK with my single housemates. Second - there is now one guy I'm chatting to on the dating site (urgh the effort) and while the pessimist/realist in me expects this to fizzle out I'd maybe be up for a date just not anywhere around Valentines Day! Far too much for a first day. Weirdness.

*This is an actual thing that has happened to me twice - different guys too...

**Maybe I should add something to my dating profile about low maintenance and low expectations? I'm guessing that's not the best idea...
Thursday, 7 February 2013

Cheese and Paprika Scones


These are pretty darn lovely with butter/cream cheese and cucumber.

I used the Nigella scone recipe from Domestic Goddess but you can use what ever your favorite is.

There are only a few changes for a batch of 12 scones -

  • add 75 grams grated cheese (I used Parmigiano Reggiano)
  • take out half a table spoon of the flour (you don't want it to be too dry)
  • add one tablespoon paprika 
  • add a generous amount of black pepper
  • add some black pepper and grated cheese to the top after the egg wash
Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Night Circus

My friend was raving about The Night Circus so I'm a bit ashamed that it has taken me this long to read.

I am so glad I have though.

Two illusionists are pitted against each other by their guardians in a 'game' set in a beautiful circus. It reminds me of Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrel but not as long and much more beautiful and romantic. The story has inspired many people and you can find lots of Night Circus inspired art around the internet. It's such a well written world my dreams were somewhat effected!

A film seems to be in the works and people are speculating/suggesting their idea cast. I liked this one

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Hot Pink Cushion

Yep I've knitted another cushion cover - same as the green one I made for my aunt but in pink. I've also been playing around with the pattern to include button holes. it doesn't look too bad! I'm considering setting up and Etsy shop at the end of the year and including some of them... what do you think?

Monday, 4 February 2013

Friska Viljor

I've been listing in to Swedish band Friska Viljor this past week. They are amazing. If you can listen to Until the End from their new album you should it's a beautiful song and my favourite at the moment (it's on spotify but I couldn't find it on YouTube).

Sunday, 3 February 2013

13 for 2013: Dating


It's February so this seemed an appropriate goal to attempt to target this month.

Here's a bit of background. What with changing jobs 3 times and losing a couple of family members not to mention moving to a new city I haven't been on a date since April. Most of my relationships/dates have come from friends of friends but it seems I've somewhat exhausted that supply (not in a slutty way but because most of them I consider friends now too, that and my friends don't really seem to have many single male friends now). So now I'm settled in the new job and in London it's time to attempt to get back out there and as a massive coward I'm attempting online dating.

I've tried this before but have never followed through to an actual date. The last site I was on even matched me with my ex boyfriend which was pretty funny (I actually "LOL'd" so that's defo not an issue now). I think the main reasons it's not worked for me before are:

  • I'm lazy
  • I expect there's something wrong with all of them because they are on a dating site (I know...)
  • I'm not good at looking sexy (see below) don't get me wrong I think I'm quite pretty but I'm not mysterious or dangerous etc in anyway
  • I find it hard to describe what I like, (I like most things - even watching sport, I'm watching rugby writing this)
  • ... and also what I want without sounding rather fussy
  • Lastly I am pretty fussy
So yeah I've been on My Single Friend for a week now Ve wrote my description (meanie called me a hipster! but also wrote some lovely things). I'll try and keep you updated but so far nothing really to tell - I've messaged some, some have messaged me but there hasn't been much cross over yet.

my attempt at a sexy face

Friday, 1 February 2013

How musicals have ruined the world for me #11

Not seen this one in a while but doesn't she go into stripping to prove something to her mum?

That said it does do wonders for her confidence...and this is based on a true story, I just don't think it's a career choice for me.