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Most Wonderful Time of the Year

My Christmas:

Food - I'm pretty sure I've put on most of the weight I lost this year back on!Films - The Hobbit and Pitch Perfect both awesome in very different waysTV - Did you see Downton?! What a shocker!Presents - I got a bit spoilt new boots, perfume, a clock, cds etc.Family - lovely seeing them but missing those who aren't with us anymoreFriends - lot's of catch upsDriving - Dad let me drive his car so I didn't have to get trains and buses to see people!Rain - so much of this the ceiling in my Portsmouth flat fell in apparently (not impressed)Markets - Southbank and Winter Wonderland in London are both great  Hope you're having a good time!

Book recommendations

I love book lists and recommendations. What can be better? You get to judge someone for their choices while you find out more about them. You also get to read cool books you might never have read while ticking things off a list! You know I like lists...

Sailing to Nowhere's top booksFlavour Wire's reading lists of fictional charactersLudlow and company's quarter life crisis girl's reading listLove 20's books to read in your twentiesBook review's 250 books mentioned by Rory Gilmore

I'm on goodreads if you'd like to see some of the books I've been reading better yet give me your recommendations!!

John Green's recommendations

How musicals have ruined the world for me #9

Kidnapping being romantic...

Weekly round up

I've been thinking about Ben Whishaw a bit this week (Q in Skyfall, which is an awesome Bond film) due to my excessive watching of The Hour. He too skinny and in no means traditionally good looking but talent is attractive and hot damn is he a good actor I mean he's been Hamlet, Richard the III, John Keats and Bob Dylan. Plus he has great hair and I kinda have a crush on his character in The Hour...

both photos here
Some things from the internet I liked this week:

Michelle Obama on the artsCutest sailor jumperNaked Nathan FillionBookshelf lovesZe Frank: let's all just get along: