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All My Friends are Superheroes

Well in their own ways they are...


Have you read this book? It's not just got an awesome title it's beautifully written, funny and romantic without being soppy or twee. I'm rubbish at reviews and can never do the things I love enough justice so here's some of what it says on amazon:
'This is an adorable book: neat, sweet, petite. Your loved one will love you even more for buying it for them. Toby Litt 'Somebody should write Mr Kaufman and thank him for his tender heart ... I expect this story will replace boxes of chocolates and flowers in courting rituals to come.' Sheila Heti
Also surprising me... I saw lots of these on the street near my house at weekend.

Holiday fun

Apologies in advance I've gone a bit crazy with the poladroid on this one... Pictures all by me etc.
Anyway I've been a bit quiet on here because I've been in Cornwall for the last week with a group of 5 friends. It was great fun, relaxing and at times hilarious. I am now knackered. Still. Rather than me ramble on about what we did here are some pictures: